Bareboards and

Crash Test Drama

Additional acting opportunities at the Arts Theatre Cronulla.

Bareboards began in late 2010 as a way to provide members with additional acting opportunities in addition to the mainstream plays. Not all members have the time to dedicate to a mainstream play, which is about 5 months. There are those times when members are just not right for the parts available, so it can be a long time between gigs.

Our aim is to provide opportunities for members to view interesting work, get involved in smaller productions as techies, stage managers, actors and to present their own works as writers and directors.


Bareboards is open to all ATC members. Non-financial members are also welcome to submit their plays or register their interest to direct or act, however if chosen, you will be required to become a financial member of the Arts Theatre Cronulla. The membership fee is $25. Payable once your involvement is confirmed.


2010 - Bareboards put on a 5-day run of "Shoehorn Sonata", which was a huge success.

2015 - Bareboards launched the Voices Project, a complete performance of eight 10 minute plays all written and performed by Arts Theatre Cronulla members, to much acclaim.

2016 - Bareboards upped the ante by performing 4 x half-hour plays, all written and performed by members, in the project titled "Half and Half", performed in September 2016. 

2017 - Bareboards presented a 4-night run of the one man play 'I Am My Own Wife' by Doug Wright based on his conversations with German Charlotte von Mahlsdorf. Wright received the 2004 Pulitzer Prize for Drama for this work.

2018 - Bareboards presents "PLAYtime" - a selection of 6 original, short plays written, directed & performed by Arts Theatre Cronulla members.


2019 - Bareboards presents "Time to Shine":  3 original short plays, each under 30 minutes in length, written, directed & acted by ATC members.

2021 - Bareboards presents "Plays For All Seasons": original short plays 15-30 minutes in length. Play submissions are welcome. Submission deadline - 28th March 2021.

Crash Test Drama is a great way to try out and develop 10 minute plays. It also provide opportunities for actors and directors to practice their craft while the writers learn more about the art of writing for the stage.

If you or someone you know would like to write a short (10 minute) script and see it performed on stage, contact Graham Yates for details on how we can make it happen.

Anyone who would like to try their hand at directing a short piece is also encouraged.

Anyone (experienced or newcomer) who wants to try acting can turn up on the day at 2pm for the chance to be cast in one of the short plays. There is some rehearsal time, for about 90 minutes, then the pieces are performed while reading from the script - no lines to remember!

All participants must become Theatre members, which can be processed on the day.

Writers and Directors: Contact Graham Yates on 0423 141 949 or via email.

Actors: Just show up on the day at 2pm for casting.

Web Image_Crash Test Drama Dates

Our first heat for 2021 is on this Sunday, 28th February. 

We have six excellent 10-minute plays for actors to sink their teeth into. 

Experienced or novice actors at last get their chance to perform again. 

There are 20 roles to be filled, so get down to the theatre at 2pm, get cast, rehearse for 90 minutes, read from the script. 

If you don’t enjoy weeks of rehearsing or trying to remember lines, this is for you! 

You must be a current financial member to audition. Membership is $25 & can be paid on the day. 

Performances start at 4pm. 

Invite your friends & family to be entertained for only $5 entry. 

No booking required, tickets at the door. 

NOTE: The Arts Theatre is a registered COVID-safe venue.

NSW Health recommendations will be adhered to at all times.