Adult Drama Classes

We offer drama classes for 18+ (Adult).

Teacher: Simon Lee
When: Saturday afternoons, 2pm - 5pm
Where: Arts Theatre Cronulla, 6 Surf Road, Cronulla
Cost: $280 per term
Ages: 18+


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Term 1 - 5 February to 26 March

Creating Character
In this unit students will be introduced to the fundamental acting theories and techniques from Improvisational Theatre, Physical Theatre and Method Acting developed by some of theatre’s most well-known practitioners such as Eric Morris, Sanford Meisner, David Mamet and Rudolf van Laban. Students will use these techniques to explore text, and will then progress to reading and analysing monologues and scenes together and performing them on stage.

Term 2 - 30 April to 18 June
The Rehearsal Process
In this unit students will explore the actor's approach to contemporary Australian and European texts using techniques from Konstantin Stanislavsky's psychophysical approach and Stella Adler's actor training. Students will be introduced to advanced techniques for breaking down and analysing a script. This will culminate in a public performance of scenes from classical and contemporary theatre at the end of Term 2.

Term 3 - 23 July to 10 September
In this unit students will develop a deeper understanding of contemporary theatrical practice and apply this to the work of William Shakespeare. By approaching Shakespeare from an actor's perspective, students will apply contemporary acting methods to understand the texts and build confidence with the language used. 

Term 4 - 15 October to 3 December
Staging the Performance
In this unit, a culmination of all of our previous work together, students will build on the acting techniques learnt throughout the year and apply these to a range of texts. Students will explore the rehearsal process and utilise the skills they have developed over the previous three terms. Students will present a range of individual and small group performances in a public presentation at the end of term.