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Youth Drama Classes

We offer drama classes for under 18 years (Young Actor).

Teacher: Simon Lee
When: Thursday afternoons, 4.30pm - 7pm
Where: Arts Theatre Cronulla, 6 Surf Road, Cronulla
Cost: $270 per term (10 lessons per term)
Ages: 12 - 18

For Young Actor Drama Class enquiries or to register your interest, please click HERE.  

Term 1 - 8 February to 11 April
An Actor's Perspective to Text and Performance
In this unit students will be introduced to the basics of acting, character development and exploring techniques from Improvisational Theatre, Physical Theatre and Method Acting. Students will be taught a range of different acting techniques from Eric Morris, Sanford Meisner, David Mamet and Rudolf van Laban and mentored on how to apply them to scene work.

Term 2 - 2 May to 4 July
A Practical Approach to Method
In this unit students will explore the actor's approach to Australian contemporary and European modern texts using techniques from Konstantin Stanislavsky's psychophysical approach and Stella Adler's actor training. Students will learn complementary approaches to script analysis and be introduced to the fundamental technical work of an actor's daily practice.

Term 3 - 25 July to 26 September
Classical Texts and American Modern Drama
In this unit students will be introduced to classical texts through the work of William Shakespeare. By approaching Shakespeare from an actor's perspective, students will apply contemporary acting methods to understand the texts and build confidence with the language used. Students will then explore a sample of American modern drama where they will be guided in how to apply the techniques learned in terms one and two.

Term 4 - 17 October to 19 December
From Page to Stage
In this unit, students will work collaboratively, building on the acting techniques learnt throughout the year and applying these to a range of classical and contemporary texts. Students will present a range of individual and small group performances in a public performance at the end of term.


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