Drama Classes

We offer drama classes for under 18 years (Young Actor) & 18+ (Adult).

Young Actor Classes

Teacher: Simon Lee

When: Tuesday afternoons 4:30 - 6:30pm.
Where: Arts Theatre Cronulla, 6 Surf Road, Cronulla.
Cost: $250
Ages: 12 - 18

For more details or to register your interest, please email us.

Term 1 - 4 February to 7 April

Term 2 - 28 April to 30 June

Term 3 - 21 July to 22 September

Term 4 - 13 October to 8 December

Adult Classes

Teachers: Sam Haft

When: Saturday afternoons 2 - 4:00pm.
Where: Arts Theatre Cronulla, 6 Surf Road, Cronulla.
Cost: $280 per term.

For more details or to register your interest, please email us.

Term 1 - 15 February to 4 April
Creating Character/Stagecraft
Participants will be introduced to the fundamental acting theories and techniques of some of theatre’s most well-known practitioners, including Stanislavski, Uta Hagen and Stella Adler.
With an emphasis on creating a true sense of ensemble and collaboration, understanding the stage and how the playing space can be used physically, participants will harness their ability to connect with other actors creatively and tell stories effectively and with newfound freedom.
All of this will be explored and harnessed through various techniques and exercises, through which participants will find new heights in their work, discover ways to overcome creative blocks and to establish more freedom and confidence as a collaborative artist and communicator.
Through the use of creating character, the ensemble will focus on establishing the given circumstances of a scene, using various acting styles and techniques to explore text, and will then progress to reading and analysing monologues and scenes together and performing them on stage.
At the conclusion of the term, students will be able to apply basic acting and script analysis techniques to research and devise any character that comes their way.
This will also culminate with material having been fully rehearsed and memorised by the completion of the term, should it be required for future use.

Term 2 - 2 May to 20 June
The Rehearsal Process
Continuing on from our work in Term 1, the ensemble will explore the rehearsal process and text-based scene work in further detail, from both an actor’s viewpoint and through understanding the process of their main collaborator, the director.
Applying further exploration of character, advanced techniques for breaking down and analysing a script and then taking extensive and intricate scenes, following on from the more basic texts used in Term 1, participants will explore, in depth, a fully comprehensive process with which to take their work from ‘the page to the stage’.
Participants will also look at creating a deeper connection with, and understanding of, the playwright’s process - an additional learning outcome for both budding and/or experienced playwrights.
Scenes from both Australian and International theatre, both classical and contemporary, will be explored and rehearsed in detail.
This will culminate in a public performance, to be held at the Arts Theatre Cronulla before an invited audience, on the final day of Term 2.

Term 3 - 25 July to 12 September
Improvisation/Screen Acting
For the first half of this term, participants will explore the wonderful world of improvisation. Beginning with fundamental principles, including offers, yielding, advancing and extending, status and a number of other invaluable techniques, as well as exploring the work of the great practitioners Viola Spolin and Keith Johnstone, participants will find new and exciting ways to express themselves ‘in the moment’ and to create exciting and spontaneous performances together - either comedic, dramatic or anywhere in between.
Theatresports fans and those who relish the pure entertainment value of improvisational comedy will also have an opportunity to grow and develop their skillset and to discover even more potential in their work.

For the second half of this term, participants will be given a step by step process for working on camera. Using duologues and monologues written specifically for screen, the ensemble will explore fundamental techniques, including the understanding of shot sizes, hitting marks, eyelines, vocal pitch, physical freedom and the use of stillness, as well as harnessing the most important ingredient in film acting, RELAXATION.
Participants will be able to keep a copy of their work during this part of the term for their records and for future use if required. 

Term 4 -17 October to 5 December

Staging the Performance
In this final term, a culmination of all of our previous work together, the ensemble will devise, in collaboration with their core tutor, an original Australian play to be mounted as an end of year performance showcase at Arts Theatre Cronulla. 
Students will explore the rehearsal process and utilise all of the techniques they have developed over the previous three terms to create a scripted work which will be co-authored with Sam Haft.
This will be an extremely exciting and fulfilling endeavour- certain to see the year’s journey together out in great style and to truly solidify the work we have embarked on over 2020. 

Our Tutor - Sam Haft

Over 20 years, Sam has become one of the most sought-after Acting coaches in Australia, having taught thousands of actors of all ages and from beginner to professional level. He has taught in a number of institutions across Australia and New Zealand, including over 15 years at The National Institute of Dramatic Art, as well as The Actors Pulse, The Australian Theatre for Young People, The Australian Institute of Performing Arts, Brent Street Studios, The Australian Performing Arts Grammar School, Newtown High School of Performing Arts, Centre City Music Theatre, Auckland, Pacific Opera, The NIDA Open Program (Sydney and Touring) and various workshops in Sydney and across Australia.
He was a core tutor for The Full Time Course at the Actors Centre Australia and has taught regularly with their Power of Performance course as part of the part-time program.
From 2011-2013 Sam ran the Acting Course for the Opera students at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and was Head of Acting at Brent Street Studios between 2007-2011. He was also the co-founder and director of the Sydney Screen Actors Group, based in Sydney’s Fox Studios and is currently director of Sydney Actors Association, one of the most well respected independent acting institutions in Australia.
Sam recently took his work over to the UK, where he taught for The London Academy, Sylvia Young and The Actors Centre, London.
Sam has been on the advisory panel at The New Theatre and has been a judge for Short and Sweet on various occasions. His plays have been performed by students and professionally in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne.

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