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Season Bookings

Season bookings available for specific Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday performances.

We will again be offering Season Tickets for small groups or individuals for specific Wednesday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday performances in 2024.


Season tickets are available for the following performances only:

  • Sunday – matinee 3 (10/3; 2/6; 25/8; 17/11)

  • Wednesday – week 4 (6/3; 29/5; 21/8; 13/11)

  • Friday – week 1 (16/2; 10/5; 2/8; 25/10)

  • Saturday – week 2 (24/2; 18/5; 10/8; 2/11)

Full payment for the annual subscription will be required when booking is confirmed.


Seats will be allocated and will be the same seats for each of the 4 performances.


Total price for the 4 shows will be:

  • $112 for Wednesday evening and Sunday matinees (i.e. $28 each)

  • $120 for Friday and Saturday evening performances (i.e. $30 each)


To book your tickets, please email our Ticketing Manager, Melanie at:



To be made in full in a single payment. Failure to pay on time will result in the tickets being available for public bookings on line. Tickets will be distributed when payment is received.  


Ticket exchanges are possible if the request is made at least one week prior to the performance date. We will “move” the allocated seat to an alternative performance if there is availability. The new tickets will be sent by email or may be collected from Box office, prior to the performance.  If a change of performance date results in additional cost, the ticket holder will be required to provide credit card details prior to the change being initiated.

Please note: An administration fee of $5 will be charged for tickets moved to a new performance date.


Any questions, please contact our Ticketing Manager, Melanie, via email:

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