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Upcoming Events

A list of important dates to mark in your calendar. 


2nd - Term 2 YOUNG ACTOR DRAMA CLASSES commence @ 4:30pm - 7pm.

For enquiries/registration: 


4th - Term 2 ADULT DRAMA CLASSES commence @ 2pm - 5pm.

For enquiries/registration: 


5th - Community preview performance for THE TIN WOMAN @ 2pm. 

For details on the show: 


8th - Charity preview performance for THE TIN WOMAN @ 8pm. 

For details/bookings: 


10th - Opening night for THE TIN WOMAN @ 8pm.

For details/bookings: 


14th - Monthly COMMITTEE MEETING @ 7:30pm. 


26th - CRASH TEST DRAMA (Round 2) - Casting @ 2pm / Performance @ 4:30pm.

For details: 


31st - Play submissions from directors for our 2025 season close. 

For details:

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