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Bareboards 2023

For an outline of the plays, roles available, scripts & audition pieces,

please see below.

Download audition form HERE.


We will be holding auditions for our September BAREBOARDS event on:

  • Saturday, 3rd June from 2pm to 3:30pm

  • Monday, 5th June from 7:30pm to 9pm

  • Wednesday, 7th June from 7:30pm to 9pm


No need to book an audition date/time, just show up at one of the scheduled audition times.

You may audition for multiple roles. If there is an audience piece provided, please have it prepared for your audition.


You must be available for ALL performances & tech rehearsals.


Performances will be held on September 13th, 15th & 16th from 8pm to 10pm.


Tech rehearsals will be held on September 11th & 12th from 7pm.


**NOTE: Auditions are open to all members. Non-financial members are also welcome to audition, however if chosen, you will be required to become a financial member of the Arts Theatre Cronulla. The membership fee is $25 - payable once your involvement is confirmed.**

Rehearsals to commence from July. Rehearsal dates will vary for each play depending on director/cast.


Any enquiries, please click HERE.

Written by Chris Naylor

Directed by Margareta Moir

Genre: Comedy


A couple are about to have guests for a dinner party when they discover a dead body on the floor near the dinner table. This puts the whole night in jeopardy. Or does it?



JAMES: 60s, a bit bumbling.

CHERYL: 60s, can get emotional.

GERALD: 30s, engineer, accomplished but likes to eat a lot.

ALICE: 30s, loyal.

Written by Lindsey Brown

Directed by Yvonne Balakian

Genre: Comedy


When your part-time job is a little risqué, it's only natural to want to keep it under wraps. But what happens when your mum finds out and you're forced to lay the truth bare?


JACK: Early 20s. Part time stripper.

JENNA: Early 20s. Jack's sister and manager.

PAULA: Mother of Jack and Jenna.

Written by Neil Moulang

Directed by Neil Moulang

Genre: Comedy / Drama


Two young men, mates since school days, are enjoying the best years of their lives during the heady days of the early 1970's. Hippy times and sexual freedoms never before seen by their parent’s generation. Life is free and the livin' is easy, until the much dreaded news comes thru that conscription into the army is about to change their lives. How will the boys, soon become men, handle the sudden and drastic change to their lives? How will the parents manage in this, the most dramatic and socially changing time in recent Australian history.



KENNY:  20. Typical 1970's youth, loves 70s music, girls and footy. Goes to Uni.

JOHNNO: 20, Kenny’s mate. A rough diamond  to upper class twits but almost a second son to Kenny's parents.

STAN: 50-55, dad to Kenny. He is a bit like a typical Aussie dad, served in WW2 (think a cross between Darryl Kerrigan or Ted Bullpit).

GRANDAD: 80s, much respected. He was in WW1 in 1916.

JUDY: 18-21, Kenny's  girlfriend.

MUM: 50-55, Kenny is her favourite.


Written by Suzy Wilds

Directed by Suzy Wilds

Genre: Comedy


An elderly woman discovers her new ‘self’ after the death of her husband. Her concerned, prim and over protective daughter is not impressed. Together they must navigate love and loss to find a common place. A comedy about love, death and that 3-letter word and the true meaning of family and commitment.



ROSE: 70+ a woman recently widowed living & loving her ‘new’ life to its fullest, knows what she wants and is going for it. But she is hiding an inner sadness. 


EMMA:  40+ prim and fastidious, a bit shocked by her mother’s new zest for life, concerned and over protective. 

Written by Robert Luxford

Directed by A. P. Lordes

Genre: Comedy


For some, 15 minutes of fame is not enough. They can become obsessed with being or becoming the next big worldwide sensation. The Warhol Institute helps those who have had their fifteen minutes but don't know how to return to a normal life. But not everyone wants to return to being normal and the challenge for the therapist at the institute is to heal patients of this disorder. This challenge is further complicated when a patient has a plan to further their fame that would have fatal consequences.


LENNY (20s), another brilliant mind and very introverted. Still lives with his mum. 

MARVIN (20s), athletic, well-built man. Sports freak but only plays lame sports like Ultimate Frisbee. 

JACQUELINE (30s), she is unruly rebellious and likes to cause trouble.     

NATASHA  (30s), overachiever with a brilliant mind but very insecure. 

THERAPIST (40s), spinsterish appearance. Comes across as overly polite but knows how to use her authority when she has to. 

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