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Written by Chris Naylor
ETTIE - Fifties, cafe owner. A woman striving to do well in a small town, organised, caring,

likeable, communicator.
BILL - Forties, a local, friend of Sharon. Believable, dominant and charming personality

despite his strong views.
SHARON - Forties, a local, friend of Bill. Thinks negatively about people. Strong opinions.

Perhaps a gossip. 
ERIC - Twenties. An outsider. Diffident, appears a bit different, vague, doesn’t want to socialise much.
A small town breaks out into fear and outrage when it is believed that a convicted murderer who has been given a lesser sentence has been released to live in their community.

Written by Graham Yates
SIMON - Teenage to late 20's, maybe even young 30's. Seems to be a bit of a loser who spends his days playing computer games. Though smart technically, he appears to be naive in worldly matters. The actor should be able to easily shift from simple to scheming.
ROD - Can be male (ROD) or female (JULIE), but should be older than Simon.

Brash, self-serving, morally dubious lawyer. Played as unlikeable.
The play centres around the relationship between two very different siblings - one a slob who spends his days playing computer games and eating chips, the other a high-flying lawyer with an eye for any chance to make a quick dollar. When Lady Luck bursts on the scene, things start getting ugly.

Written by Jonathan Solomon
ABBY - Accountant at Cosmi Pharmaceuticals. A very skilled technical accountant. Very formal. Limited people skills. Aged between 30 and 45.
BRIGITTE - Operations Manager at Cosmi Pharmaceuticals. Very wise. Intelligent and confident. Wealthy in experience. Aged between 50 and 65.
COURTNEY - Instructor of Ballet, Yoga and Running classes. Fun, relaxed instructor.

Aged between 30 and 45.
DRUSILLA - Attendee of Ballet, Yoga and Running classes. Confident and exuberant young woman. Aged between 20 and 30.
EMILY - Attendee of Ballet, Yoga and Running classes. Confident and exuberant young woman. Aged between 20 and 30.
Work/life balance? That’s a totally foreign concept to Abby, a workaholic accountant. Abby loves her job at Cosmi Pharmaceuticals, except for the fact she has to work with accounts clerk, Sonia, who also happens to the daughter of the owner of Cosmi Pharmaceuticals. Brigitte, the Operations Manager, senses a corporate maelstrom forming and hopes she can utilise her wisdom to divert an all-out, open-plan war. Are Brigitte’s actions enough for Abby to wake up and see the light/life of the work/life balance equation?

Written by Pete Malicki
PAUL - male, 20s, normal build, confused and frazzled. A young man afflicted by a virus.
MARY - female, 20s, any look. No nonsense, smart, stressed.
ATHENA - female, 40s-50s, worried. Non-assertive.
HAYDEN - male, 40s-50s, self-assured. The leader of the group. Socially dominant, but not a bully.
Set in the year 2055. Four people who are living online as electronic copies of their real-life selves are thrown into panic when one of them gets a virus. Not a cough-cough virus, but a your-operating-system-has-encountered-a-critical-error virus.

Written by Vee Malnar
RAY - a theatre director. (40-70) Determined, focused, suave, confident.
VERA - stage manager and in love with Ray. (30-50) Loyal, kind, concerned, patient.
MORGAN - (40-70) Ray's long time friend and Producer of the show. Passionate, worried, caring.
SHARLOT - Rays wife. (30-60) Bold, theatrical, passionate, fiesty, fiery.
VALERIE - an actress, and gymnast, (20s) very athletic, can do cartwheels. Interested, helpful.
VICTOR - gay actor and clown. (20s) Desiring, Pleasure-seeking, Impatient.
Ray has a show to put on, but only half the cast show up. His leading lady is leaving the show, his producer is in a panic, the writer withdraws his script, and then there's the dilapidated theatre...!

Written by William Jordan
STANLEY - Retired rock star. 50s/60s. A dissolute misogynist.

Self-absorbed & thoroughly unprincipled.
MOONEY - Stanley’s daughter. Late 20s/early 30s. Smart, sarcastic, unforgiving & single.
KEVIN SINCLAIR - Late 20s/early 30s. A police detective. Firm but fair.

Unmarried & conservative by nature.
The rock star and his legacy. It has dynamic ramifications for his future as it unveils a very self-indulgent and unpleasant past.

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